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Diablo3 has become popular in the world as wow, and made many players crazy!there r only lvl 60s in game so far. but I am curious why r there so much gold in game? Today.i would like to solve the mystery! Any good game and plug-ins r inseparable., so is Diablo 3! Based on the present news many plugs-ins r being sold in the market, what’s more.the sellers claim that plug-ins can Looting gold and items. leveling up, doing quest automatically.So there r much gold in the market,which makes market disorderly! It is said that u can farm 80000 to 100000 gold in the hard dungeons within 1 hour,if u get the good gear,u can farm 150000 gold, So I suggest all players have the duty to tell the news to blizzard or report them so that we have a good time and good environment in game!we should tryin our best to avoid plugs-ins, love our account,and promote a healthy market and game environment..
Why are there so much gold in game Diablo 3.

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